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After 90 years old and old please note: do not install these kinds of things in the thermos cup, really can hurt the body!

After 90 years old and old please note: do not install these kinds of things in the thermos cup, really can hurt the body!

The thermos cup is a must-have for many people, but you know what? There are also health risks behind the warm cup, which can be a hotbed for all kinds of bacteria.
Health concerns
The health risks of the thermos can be divided into the following aspects:
1. Improper cleaning or improper use of the thermos cup.
Vacuum cup there are a lot of health dead Angle, such as tank, cap gap, etc., if not timely cleaning or improper use can result in a lot of bacteria hidden, and normal cleaning, it is hard to reach to these areas.
2. The temperature is suitable and the environment is moist.
The mouth itself is the "bacteria" environment, drinking water, capping the bottle... The bacteria that are attached to the cup of the cup will accumulate more and more in the gap of the bottle cap every day, which will be easy to follow the water entrance. In addition, many people have the habit of carrying the thermos cup, the cup body contact with various articles frequently, the surface hygiene is just as worrying.
3. Children's commonly used pressure thermos can be more dangerous.
Many keep-warm glass lid has a similar to the "valve" button, so every time before pouring water, need to use hand to press the button, if the hand is not clean, stained bacteria could be on the button, increase the risk.
Don't put a thermos in these six drinks.
The insulation cup is so good that it can be filled with all kinds of liquid. There are a wide variety of vacuum cups in the market, but the quality is uneven, and not all liquids are suitable to be put into the thermos cup, such as the following:
1. Acidic beverages (such as sour plum juice, lemon juice, etc.)
Stainless steel with high melting point, not because of high temperature melt release toxic substances, but the most afraid of strong acid stainless steel, if long time loading of strong acid drinks, is likely to produce damage to the bladder, due to poor insulation.
In addition, the fruit juice is not suitable for high temperature preservation, so as to avoid the destruction of its nutrients; And sweet drinks tend to lead to microbial spoilage.
Dry ice and carbonated drinks.
Do not put dry ice and carbonated soft drinks in the thermos cup, avoid the pressure rise, cause the cork can not open or the contents of the dangerous.
3. It is not suitable to make tea
If use vacuum cup tea, make tea in a high temperature, constant temperature water for a long time, as well as with temperature decoction, the vitamin in a large number of broken tea, aromatic oil volatilization, tannic acid, theophylline, a large number of leaching, not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, still can make tea juice fragrance-free, tea taste bitter, because the soaking time is too long, even tea may release heavy metal material, harmful to health.
In addition, the heat preservation cup will change color when the tea is warm for a long time. It is advisable to use tea bags when going out.
4. Non-saline fluids (e.g. brine)
Because the temperature of the tank are sandblasting electrolytic lead, electrolytic tank can avoid the water after physical reaction, direct contact with the stainless steel material and salt containing corrosive, may cause damage to its inappropriate in be in for a long time.
5. Milk, dairy products, juice, etc.
Some people will put hot milk in a thermos flask, convenient carrying drink, however, this approach allows the microorganisms in appropriate temperature in milk will proliferate, tends to corrupt, easy to cause diarrhea, abdominal pain.
Milk in high temperature environment, vitamin and other nutrients will be destroyed, and the acid in milk will also have a chemical reaction with the inside of the cup, affecting human health.
6. Chinese traditional medicine is not suitable.
Some people also like to soak the traditional Chinese medicine in the thermos cup, for the convenience of drinking. However, the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine generally dissolves a large amount of acidic substances, and it is easy to react with the chemical substances contained in the inner wall of the vacuum cup, and dissolve into the soup, which has a negative effect on the human body.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at 25 ℃ temperature can be stored for a day or two, thermos flask temperature is higher, easy metamorphism, suggested that under normal temperature storage.